Aigtek ATG-3040 Signal Generator ((-3dB) DC to 100kHz, 90Vp-p(±45Vp), 8Ap, 360Wp, 1CH)

Bandwidth (-3dB): DC~100kHz

Output form: Single-end output 

Maximum output voltage: 90Vp-p(±45V) 

Maximum output current: 8A 

Maximum output power: 360W 

Voltage gain: 0~30(0.1step) 

Input resistance (Rin): 50Ω / 5kΩ 

Input waveform amplitude: 10Vp-pMAX 

Output resistance (Rout): 0.1Ω / 50Ω customizable 

Slew rate: 50V/μs 

Load limit (RL): ≥5.6Ω 



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