Aqualabo 01TCB10100 iTOX Complete System

Specifications of the new iTOXcontrol:

Smaller footprint: 50x50x 183 cm (D x W x H).

Communication: integrated 4-20 mA signal, TCP/IP

Optional: modem for telephone connection or additional RS232 connection.

Very reliable, low running & maintenance cost.

TOXview software for data acquisition & evaluation.

Can be used with automatic, in-line dechlorination.

Optional UV-VIS sensor for TOC, COD, BOD, turbidity, SAC254, NO3-N

- Sample temperature: 15 - 30 degrees C.

- Working conditions (room temperature):

a. Standard: 15 - 30 degrees C.

b. Optional: 30 – 40 degrees. C. with additional cooling unit.

- Communication:

a. standard: TCP/IP, Analog output: 4 – 20 mA

b. optional: external USB modem 56k

c. optional: External COM port for MODBUS data communication.

- Cabinet: protection class IP 31.

- Sample water: + 10 ml/h (4,5 ml per measurement, 2 per hour)

- Reference water: + 100 ml/h per measurement, not chlorinated,

optional dosage with a magnetic valve.

- In-line, automatic dechlorination is possible

- Connections:

a. Drain : waste and positive control: 20 mm (external)

b. Feed : sample and reference: 4 mm (external, for silicone tubing)


The iTOXcontrol is placed in a ventilated cabinet:

- Size: 50 x 50 x 110 cm (DxWxH), with trolley an extra 73 cm.

- Weight: + 90 kg (+ 20 kg with optional air-conditioning)

- Housing with glass front door, can be locked for protection.

- Build-in PC with keyboard and touchpad, DVD reader/writer.

- 17 inch TFT screen, Ethernet Controller, COM port and USB connectors

- Power: 220V - 50 Hz or 110V - 60Hz

For specific range please check the attachment below!





User manual iTOX

User manual iTOX_Parts

User manual iTOX _Software

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