Aqualabo NC-POR-C-00124 Portable meter pH/Conductivity 7m ODEON 2 inputs (7m cable)

A set consits on :

- 1 ODEON X Meter with 2 probe channels and Open Technology

- 1 PC/ODEON Cable

- ODEON Wiever PCsoftware 

- 1 or 2 standard solutions (125 mL) if needed

- 1 outdoor carrying case

This set doesn't include the Charger

This set doesn't include probes (You have to add digital probes)



Datasheet pH digital sensor PHEHT_2

Datasheet Conductivity digital sensor C4E_2

Datasheet Conductivity digital sensor C4E

Datasheet pH digital sensor PHEHT


User Manual pH digital sensor PHEHT

User Manual Conductivity digital sensor C4E

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