Aqualabo PF-ACC-C-00284 Cable of connection Module 4001 /ODEON or Module 4200


Box: ABS

Protection: IP 67

Number of Input Modbus RS 485: 1 to 5 sensors

Interfacing at communication Network Modbus/ SDI12: 2 clamp fitting PG11

(the Module 4001 can be a relay at the signal Modbus RS 485)

Inputs sensors: Clamp fitting PG9

Connection to ODEON: 1 connector with tight stopper to connect one ODEON

Operating Temperature range: - 25°C to + 55 °C

Dimensions (H x L x P):

without fixing system: 144 x 176 x 85 mm

with fixing system: 215 x 146 x 90 mm

Weight: 950 g

Power supply: Power supply sensors 5-12 V

Consommation max. : Depends on connected sensors



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