Aqualabo CTZN Inductive Conductivity digital sensor 7m bare wire (0,0 –100,0 mS/cm)


CTZN Specifications :

Measure principle: Inductive conductivity sensor regulated in temperature

Measure ranges conductivity: 0,0 –100,0 mS/cm

Resolution: 0,1

Measure ranges salinity: 5-60 g/Kg

Measure range Temperature: 0 to 50 °C

Resolution Temperature: 0.01°C

Accuracy Temperature: ± 0,5 °C

Temperature compensation: With NTC or external measure

Accuracy T°C: ± 0.5 °C range 0-40 °C

Response time: 90% of the value in less than 30 seconds

Stocking temperature: -10°C à + 60°C

Signal interface: Modbus RS-485 en standard et SDI-12

Maximum refreshing time: Maximum < 1 seconde

Sensor power-supply: 5 to 28 volts, max 30 V

Electric consumption:

Automatic Standby < 50 μA, Heating time 100 mS

Average Modbus RS485/ Range 0-100 mS/cm

1 measure/s 

Vin 5V: 31 mA

Vin 12 V: 15,5 mA

Vin 24 V: 11,5 mA

Max curent pulse 700 mA during 2 mS, 350 mA during 150 mS


Dimensions: Diameter max. 62,4 mm, Lenght : 196 mm

Weight: 700 g

Material: EPDM, PVC, Stainless steel

Maximum pressure: 5 bars

Connexion: 9 armoured connectors, polyurethane jacket, bare-wires or waterproof Fisher connector

Protection: IP68

For specific range please check the attachment below!



Datasheet Inductive Conductivity digital sensor CTZN_2

Datasheet Inductive Conductivity digital sensor CTZN


Datasheet Inductive Conductivity digital sensor CTZN

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