Niigata Seiki DEI-127M Digital Indicator (12.7mm; 0.001mm; 4μm; IP65)

Protection class: IP65


+ Stem: stainless steel

+ Stylus tip: steel

Type: Standard

Measurement range (mm): 12.7

Minimum reading (mm): 0.001

Minimum display value (mm): 0.001

Return error (μm): 4

Measuring force (N): 1.5 or less

Indication error for the entire measurement range (μm): 7

Repeat accuracy (μm): 2

Power supply: CR2032 (included for testing)

Body dimensions (WxHxD) (mm): 56x115x28

Body mass: 110g

Accessories: CR2032, lid with earpiece, flat-blade screwdriver



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