Oceanus OC-1000 Portable Multi-gas Detector (CO+NO2+O3+CO2)

Measuring range: CO: 0~1000ppm, NO2: 0~100ppm, O3: 0~5ppm, CO2: 0~10000ppm

Sampling mode: Pump-suction sampling

Precision: 3%FS

Temp & Humidity testing range: -40~120℃; 0~100% RH

Data storage function: With the capacity of the 100000 group of measuring data, by the software could be transmitted to the computer

Response time: ≤20s(T90)

Recovery time: ≤20s

Repeatability: ≤±1%

Repeatability: ≤±1%

Zero drift: ≤±1%(F.S/year)

Concentration unit: ppm, %vol, %lel, mg/m3

Display: LCD

Operation language: Chinese/English

Alarm mode: Audible, visual, vibration

Protection grade: IP65

Dimensions: 220*88*55mm

Weight: 0.5KG

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