THORLABS LED3400W IR LEDs (Single-Color, 3300 - 3440 nm)

Center Wavelength(a,b): 3300 - 3440 nm (d,e,f)

Optical Power(a,b): 300 µW qCW at 200 mA(e) (2000 µW Pulsed at 1 A) (g)

Spectral FWHM(a,b): 300 nm (Min) (e,f) 500 nm (Max)(e,f)

Viewing Half Angle(a): 15.5°

Max Quasi-CW (qCW) Forward Current (a): 200 mA (e,h)

Package: TO-18

(a) Specified for temperature of 25 °C.

(b) Typical values unless otherwise noted.

(c) This data is unavailable. For LEDs with a parabolic reflector, expect the viewing half angle to be only a few degrees.

(d) Peak Wavelength

(e) Repetition Rate: 0.5 kHz, Pulse Duration: 1 ms, and Duty Cycle: 50%

(f) Measured at 150 mA

(g) Repetition Rate: 0.5 kHz, Pulse Duration: 20 μs, and Duty Cycle: 1%

(h) For Long-Time Operation



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