THORLABS LEDMT1E USB-Powered LED Mounts (51 Ω)

Input Voltage (VI): 5 V

Resistance: 51 Ω

Compatible LED Package: T-1 3/4a

Mounting Thread: External SM05 (0.535"-40)

Outer Dimensions: Ø0.70" x 0.83"

Compatible LEDs (b): LED370E LED405E LED465E LED528EHP LED780E LED870E LED940E LED1050E LED1070E LED1200E LED1300E LED1450E LED1550E

(a) LEDs with three pins and the LEDWE-15 are not compatible with the powered LED mounts.

(b) LEDs compatible with a lower resistance mount will typically work with a higher resistance mount but with decreased output power.



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