THORLABS MVL8M1 Camera Lenses for Machine Vision Fixed Focal Length (8 mm)

Focal Length: 8 mm

Aperture (Max): f/1.4

Min Object Distance: 100 mm (3.9")

Design Format(a): 2/3"

Field of View (1")(b): 92.4°

Field of View (1/1.2")(c): 81.5°

Field of View (2/3")(b): 70.7°

Field of View (1/1.8")(b): 59.1°

Field of View (1/2")(b): 53.5°

Field of View (1/3")(b): 41.3°

Filter Threading: M27 x 0.5

Camera Threading: C-Mount (1.00"-32)

(a) These lenses can be used with smaller format camera sensors; however, this will result in a reduced field of view. Please see the Camera Lens Tutorial tab for details.

(b) The field of view is specified for the diagonal.

(c) This field of view specification is estimated.



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