THORLABS MX10C-1310 High-Speed Optical Transmitters with Phase Modulators (1310 nm-Typical)

Amplifier Type: Digital (Limiting)

Bit Rate (Maximum): 12.5 Gb/s

Internal Laser:

- Laser Type: 1310 nm Fixed-Wavelength

- Wavelength Range(a): 1310 nm (Typical)

- Output Power (Typ.): 13.5 dBm

External Laser(b):

- Wavelength Range(c): 1250 nm - 1610 nm

- Optical Input Power: 20 dBm (Max); 22 dBm (Absolute Max)

Power Calibration Points: 1310 nm, 1550 nm, and 1590 nm

Optical Extinction Ratio: 13 dB (Typical Maximum)

Electrical Return Loss (d): -10 dB (Any RF Port, Typical)

Modulator Type: Phase

Optical Insertion Loss (Typical)(e): 4.5 dB (1550 nm). 6.5 dB (1310 nm)

Internal Optical Fiber: PM Ports: PM PANDA Fiber. SM Port: SMF-28-Compatible Fiber

Fiber Connectors: FC/PC, 2.0 mm Narrow Key

(a) C-band and L-band lasers are tunable in 50 GHz steps. An 850 nm fixed-wavelength laser can be substituted upon request: contact Thorlabs’ Tech Support.

(b) User-Supplied

(c) Using the modulator at another wavelength (e.g. visible light) may cause an increase in insertion loss and will void the warranty.

(d) To the -3 dB Bandwidth

(e) Laser IN to Optical OUT.



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