THORLABS S805MU1 CCD Scientific Camera for Microscopy (8 MP, 5,5 µm x 5,5 µm)

Number of Active Pixels: 3296 x 2472 (Horizontal x Vertical)

Pixel Size: 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm

Quantum Efficiency (attachments): Monochrome (c)

Number of Taps (Software Selectable): Single, Dual, Quad

Digital Output: 14 Bit

Cooling: No

Host PC Interface(d): USB 3.0

Built in Opticse (See the graph below): WW11050-C7 AR Coated Wedged Window (400- 700 nm)

(a) The specified performance is valid when using a computer with the recommended specifications listed on the Interface tab.

(b) Please see the Specs tab for a complete list of specifications.

(c) See Attachments for monochrome camera QE raw data.

(d) For more information on these interface options, please see the Interface tab.

(e) Click here for wedged window reflectance raw data.



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