UNI-T UDP3305S Programmable Linear DC Power Supply (4-Channel, 30V, 5A)

Output voltage: 0~30V(CH1/CH2);0~6V(CH3); 5V(CH4)

Output current: 0~5A(CH1/CH2);0~3A(CH3); 2A(CH4)

Output power: 328W

Load regulation: CV: ≤0.01%+2mV

               CC: ≤0.01%+250μA

Line regulation: CV: ≤0.01%+2mV

                CC: ≤0.01%+250μA


Resolution: Voltage: 1mV

            Current: 1mA

Programming accuracy: Voltage: ±(0.3%+10mV)

                      Current: ±(0.2%+5mA)

Readback accuracy: Voltage: ±(0.03%+10mV)

                   Current: ±(0.15%+5mA)

Ripple and noise: Voltage: <350μVrms/2mVpp(5Hz~1MHz)

                  Current: ≤2mArms

Temperature coefficient: Voltage:0.01%+5mV;

                         Current: 0.01%+2mA 

Parallel load regulation: ≤0.01%+2mV

Parallel line regulation: ≤0.01%+2mV 

Series load regulation: ≤300mV

Series line regulation: ≤0.01%+3mV

Standard interfaces: USB Host

                     (5V/2A, charging port only),

                     USB Device, LAN, RS-232,Digital I/O

Power: AC 100V/120V/220V/230V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Display: 4.3 inch LCD

Product net weight: 10.2kg

Product size (W×H×D): 355mmx240mmx 168mm


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