UNI-T UTR2811E Benchtop LCR Meters (10kHz, 0.1%)

Test frequency: Frequency range: 100Hz,120Hz, 1kHz,10kHz

                Minimum resolution: Four digit display

                Accuracy: 0.02%

AC level(0~40°C): Voltage range: 0.1V,0.3V,1V

                  Accuracy: ±10%×Set value

Internal resistance of AC source: Resistance: 30Ω / 100Ω Optional

                                  Output impedance accuracy: ±5%

Measurement parameters: 16

Display range:

- R, X, |Z|: 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ;

- G, B, |Y| : 0.01nS ~ 999.999S;

- L: 0.00001uH ~ 9999.99H;

- C: 0.00001pF ~ 9999.99mF;

- D;0.00001 ~ 9.99999;

- Q:0.00001 ~ 99999.9;

- θd: -179.999° ~ 179.999°;

- θr:-3.14159 ~ 3.14159; 

Test speed (mS / time): Fast: 30ms; Medium speed: 170ms; Slow speed: 350ms

Test end configuration: Open circuit, short circuit, load

Equivalent mode:Series, parallel

Range mode: Auto, hold

Trigger mode: Internal, manual, external and bus (only UTR2810E)

Mathematical operation: Direct reading,△ABS,△%

Delayed: Trigger delay, step delay: 0 ~ 60.000s, 1ms step

Comparator: 4-gear sorting, BIN1-BIN3, NG,AUX

Interface: RS232、 HANDLER(only UTR2810E)

Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz

Display: 2.8 inch TFT LCD 240×320

Product size (W×H×D): 88mm×174mm×275mm

Product net weight: 2.5kg

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