WMT CNC CW6180 Heavy Duty Big Lathe

Max.swing over bed: Φ800mm(31-1/2″)

Max.swing over gap: Φ1000mm(39″)

Max.swing over cross slide: Φ480mm(18-3/4″)

Center distance: 850/1350/1850/2850/3850/4850/5850/7850/9850/11850mm

Width of bed: 600mm(23 1/2″)

Spindle hole: Φ105mm(4 1/4″) (Φ130mm(4 1/4″),available for CW6180)

Spindle taper: Φ120mm(4 3/4″) taper 1:20

Spindle speeds: 0.75-1000r/min

Metric threads mm: 1-240mm (52)

Inch threads TPI: 1-14 (26)

Module threads mm: 0.5-120mm (53)

Diametral threads DP: 1-28 (24)

Longitudinal feeds range: 0.1-24.3mm/r

Cross feed range: 0.05-12.15mm/r

Rapid feed: long/cross: 4000mm/min,2000mm/min

Tool section: 32mm×32mm(1-1/4″x1-1/4″)

Cross slide travel: 370mm(14-1/2″)

Sleeve diameter: 100mm(3-3/4″)

Sleeve taper: Morse 6

Sleeve travel: 240mm(9 1/2″)

Main motor: 11kw(15kw) 15HP(20HP)

Rapid feed motor: 1.1kw (1.5HP)

Weight: 4600/5000/5200/5800/6400/7000/7900/9000/104000/11700kgs

Length: 3000/3500/4000/5000/6000Φ7000/8000/10000/12000/14000mm

Width: 1170mm

Height: 1250mm

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