Acore DST 絶縁油絶縁破壊電圧テスター (0-80kV,±2%)

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Voltage output: 0-80kV/100K

Accuracy: ±2%

Capacity: 1.6KVA, 2.0KVA

Pressure increase rate: About 2 KVA/s

Pressure testing speed: 2%

Break down sensitivity: <2KV

Wave form distortion: ≤3%

Time of breakdown: ≤10ms

Operational environment:

Temperature: 0℃-40℃

Humidity: the most relative humidity: 85%

Storage environment:

Temperature: -20℃-40℃

Humidity: the most relative humidity: 75%

Operational height: <150m (can be specially designed if the height is over 1500m)

Test cell: Glass, volume 300 to 500 ml, with protective cober and stirrer.

Electrodes: Stainless steel spherical 36 mm diameter/ hemispherical 25 mm radius, 2.5 mm gap as per IEC-156, or ASTM D 877 and ASTM 1816 (ASTM standard ar option)

Initial stand time of oil sample: 180 seconds

Intermediate stand time of oil sample: 60 seconds

String time of oil sample: 60 second

Number of consecutive test: 6

80KV: Weight: 50 kg, Dimension: 450*450*450 mm

100KV: Weight: 55 kg, Dimension: 480*480*480 mm



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