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Biuged BGD 190 Contact Angle Measuring Instrument (0~180°)

  • 生産者:Biuged
    Model: BGD 190
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■ Contact angle measurement range: 0~180°

■ Contact angle resolution measurement accuracy: ±0.001° 

■ Testing accuracy of contact angle: ±1°

■ Surface free energy: Zisman, OWRK, WU, WU 2, Fowkes, Antonow, Berthelot, EOS, Adhesion work, Wet work, Spreading coefficient.

■ Dynamic contact angle fitting: batch screenshot fitting, video continuous automatic fitting and automatic online real-time fitting.

■ Surface/interface tension test: Pendant Drop method(real-time full-automatic dynamic surface tension test)

■ Droplet state test: Pendant Drop, Sessile Drop(2/3 state), Captive Bubble, Sessile Drop, Sessile Needle

■ Advancing contact angle & receding contact angle: method of increase and reduce the drop volume automatically measures the change of advancing angle and receding angle.

■ Spectrogram shows: left contact angle, right contact angle and average contact angle

■ Injection unit: special precision syringe with capacity of 500μL, hand-operated rotary liquid inlet(the drop accuracy can reach 0.1μL), the movement range of the injection unit is 50mm up and down, 50mm left and right

■ Acquisition system adjustment: front and rear 60mm, adjustable viewing angle

■ Working table size: 120mm×150mm

■ Max. width of sample: 200mm (unlimited length)

■ Adjustable range of working table movement(manual, precision 0.1mm): forward and rear stroke 60mm, left and right stroke 35mm, up and down stroke 80mm

■ Standard configuration: digital camera CMOS, high-definition constant-magnification light tube, video cable, dongle, supporting software, power cord, micro-sampler, round horizontal ball, one each; stainless steel needle(equipped with micro-injector), 0.51mm plastic needle(equipped with 1ml syringe), 1.6mm plastic tension needle(equipped with 1ml syringe), and five hex wrenches respectively; ten 1ml syringes

■ Optional Accessories: thin film fixture, standard film, sample cell, hydrophobic treatment solution, quantitative injection pump, temperature control platform, vacuum platform, electrostatic fan, manual tilt platform, micro injection pump, needle syringe, high-speed camera



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