GESTER GT-LC05-1 包装落下試験装置 (300mm -1500mm)

Falling height: 300mm -1500mm (adjustable)

Falling height error: ±10mm (l%)

Parallel error of impact panel: ≤1°

The error angle of the falling surface of the specimen in the process of falling: ≤1°

Impact panel Size: 1700x1200 mm

Bracket arm Size: 160x250x10mm

Overall dimension of test bench: ≈1700x1200x2315mm

Thickness of the bottom Plate: l0mm (solid iron Plate)

Maximum specimen size(mm): 800x800x1000 mm

Maximum weight of the specimen: 0-80Kg

Test method: surface, angle, edge all-round drop

Transmission mode: electric drive

Net weight (kg): About 300 kg

Dimension (WxLxH): 1700x1200x2315mm

Power supply: 3 Phase AC 380V 50HZ 1.85KWA



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