HST JSZ5BS 産業用双眼ズーム実体顕微鏡 (1X-4.5X, Trinocular)

Viewing Tube: Binocular viewing head, Inclined at 45°

Diopter Adjustment Eyepiece: EW10X/22

Zoom Objective: 1X-4.5X

Zoom Ratio: 1: 4.5


LED Reflection Illumination

LED Transmission Illumination




· High quality,high unction and excellent cost performance.

· Best choose with ergonnmic design,sharp image dispiay and wide viewing fielld.

· Providing a wide viewing field of  20mm with the zoom ratio of 1:4.5.

· Stereo Microscope for teaching .Easy operation. Excellent cost performance.

· Ideal instrument in academic,medical and industrial field.

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