OHBA OHBA-10000 テンションゲージ (10000g)

OHBA rod tension gauge


Code : 10g, 30g, 50g, 110g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 600g, 1000g, 1500g, 2000g, 2500g, 3000g, 4000g, 5000g, 7000g, 10,000g, 15,000g, 20,000g, 30,000g, 50,000g, 100,000g

Brand : Ohba Siki

The round spring type tension gauges are capable of making accurate measurements of pushing and pulling forces and spring tension by means of spring action and the graduation are marked on the sheath which permit easy reading.

The standard type tension gauges are for general uses. When they are used in the horizontal positon, the horizontal measurements erros shown in the table need to be added to the values read off the scale. 

Accuracy: +/-1 graduation.

When ordering please specific:

Standard Type, Stop Hand Type, With Zero(0) adjust, Horizontal & Vertical

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