PCE CT 23BT コーティング厚さ計 (0~1500µm)

Measurable substrates: Fe, NFe

Probe: external

Measuring range: 0~1500µm


0.1 µm (in the measuring range 0~99.9µm)

  1 µm (in the measuring range 100~1500µm)

Accuracy: ±(1µm + 2% of the layer thickness)

Units: µm, mil

Smallest curvature: convex 5mm, concave 5mm

Smallest measuring area: 10x10mm

Minimum thickness of the substrate: 0.4mm

Interface: Bluetooth, micro USB

Memory: 10 groups with 60 measurements each

Power supply: 2x1.5V AA batteries, 5V USB interface

Environmental conditions: -10~50°C, 10~85%RH

Dimensions: 126x69x35mm (without sensor)

Weight: approx. 97g (without batteries)

Delivery scope:

1 x PCE-CT 23BT Coating Thickness Meter

5 x calibration foil reference

1 x Fe zero standard

1 x NFe zero standard

1 x transport loop

2 x 1.5 V AA batteries

1 x carrying case

1 x instruction manual




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