Uby Tech UF-2006 滑り止め試験機 (1000N)

Vertical load cell range: 1000N

Horizontal load cell range: 1000N 

Sliding speed: (0.3±0.03)m/s

Static contact time: 0.5s

Test normal force: 500±25N, For footwear of European size 40 (UK size 6.5) and above

                      400±20N, For footwear of European size below 40 (UK size 6.5)

Wedge angle gauge: 7°

Control method: Computer-controlled

Monitor: 19-inch

Test floor: Pressed ceramic tile floor, stainless steel plate

Power supply: AC 220V 50/60HZ

Weight: 240kg

Dimensions: 180×90×130cm

Standards: ISO 13287; GB/T 28287; ASTM F2913



  • 良質な取り決め
  • オリジナル保証
  • 宅配便
  • 買い取り簡単化