Vibsource VS-2000-76 縦型振動試験機 (300kg, 76mm)

Rated sine/random force (KN): 20

Shock force (KN): 40

Frequency range

- Bare table (Hz): 1-3000

- Horizontal table (Hz): Depend on the size of slip table

Max acceleration

- Bare table: 80G

- Horizontal table (G): depends on the mass of slip table

Max. Velocity (m/sec): 2

Max. Displacement (p-p) (mm): 76

Moving element mass (kg): 25

Maximum payload: 300kg

Vertical shaker weight (kg): 1700

Vertical shaker dimension WxDxH(cm): 120x78x120

Power amplifier (kVA): 20

Power requirements (kVA): 44

Weight (kg): 450

Rack dimension WxDxH(cm): 56x85x180

Cooling method: Forced air

Blower type: BTE-5500

Weight: 75kg

Dimension WxDxH(cm): 74x70x72



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