Yamato AW62 自動でコンパクトな実験用洗濯機 (RT~60°C)

Cleaning method: Spray nozzle type, Turntable mthod

Cleaning cycle: Wash (setting range: 0 to 30min.)

Cleaning cycle: Rinse (setting range: 0 to 30min.)

Cleaning cycle: Purified water rinse (optional) when connected with water purifier, Rinse clean with 20L purified water

Water supply: Room temp. to 60°C

Washing water temp.: 45 to 80°C

Water heater: Built-in heater 6kW

Supply water pressure: 0.1 to 0.3MPa

Glassware stand: Turntable (Standard), racks (Optional)

Water supply: Controlled by electromagnetic valve open/close, Water level adjustable by water level control switch

Water drain: Natural drainage by water level gap

Exterior material: Chrome-free electric galvanized steel plate, chemical-resistant paint

Interior material: Stainless steel

Spin table: Dia.550mm (max. load : 25kg)

Door: Drop down style (can stop at any position)

Accessories: Water supply hose (with coupler) 2m 1pc, Drain hose (I.D.25.4mm) 1.5m 1pc, Phosphorus-free detergent 1kg (50mL measuring spoon 1pc), Vinyl cover, Main jet nozzle cleaning needle 1pc, Water supply unit

Consumable: Phosphorus-free detergent

Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm): 594×572×564mm

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 600×620×940mm

Remarks(dimensions): Effective height: 345mm

Power Source: AC220V/AC380V Three phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 90kg



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