Yamato AW83Z 全自動で大容量の実験用洗濯機 (RT~60℃)

Washing water temp.: Supplied temp. to 80℃

Accessories: Supply hose I.D.18mm, 2m×1pc, Drain hose (with coupler) 2m×1pc, Detergent (Amorphous phosphorus) 1kg, Measuring spoon (for 50ml) 1pc, Test tube rack support 1pc, Hose clamp 1pc

Washing compartment: Two washing chambers

Washing compartment: Pressure water jet from two directions (Top and bottom), Jet nozzle spinning

Washing compartment: Upper : Jet nozzle rotation, Lower : Fixed type (jet rack)

Washing time: Pre-washing, Washing, Rinse: settable 1 to 99min

Washing time: Rinse: settable up to 5 times by batch system

Washing time: Final rinse (to connect with pure water supplying system): Rinse by pure water 50L, settable up to 5 times, start to wash after reaching to the set water level, Timer count starts after reaching to the setting temp.

Supplying water temp.: Room temp. to 60℃

Washing water temp.: Water supply temp. to 80℃. Same water temp. for pre-washing and washing, no water heat-up for rinse and final rinse

Liquid detergent supplying type: Automatic supply by pump (Adjustable supply amount)

Liquid detergent tank capacity: 2L

Required water amount: Approx. 28L for each pre-wash, wash and rinse

Hot water supply system: Heater (Built-in: 6kW) heat-up or connection to primary hot water supply

Container stand: Shelf board 2pcs. (Standard)

Water supplying system: Solenoid valve Open/Close, water flow amount is fixed by flow switch

Water drain system: Forced drain by pump

Exterior: Chrome-free electrogalvanized steel sheet, baking finish

Interior: Stainless steel

Pump: Washing pump: 355W/560W Drain Pump: 45W

Shelf board: 550×550mm, max. load 245N (25kg)

Internal dimensions(W×D×H mm): 600×630×1080mm

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 860×770×1795mm

Power Source: AC220V/AC380V Three phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 220kg



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