Yamato GAS410 溶剤回収ユニット (0.12~0.65m3/min)

Solvent recovery system: Capacitor + freezer

Circulating gas: N2 gas (sealed circulation when connected to ADL311SA or GB-210A)

Circulating volume flow: 0.12 to 0.65m3/min

Compressor (for spraying): Linear compressor integrated

Circulation blower: Roots blower

Solvent recovery container: 2L flask

Freezer: Air-cooled condensation full-sealed type: 400W R404A (GWP:3920)

Solvent recovery mechanism: Capacitor cooling mechanism

Filter: Cartridge filter

Instruments: Cooling trap temperature display monitor Filter differential pressure meter (Monitor for clogging of filter) O2 density display monitor Blower wind amount adjusting volume

O2 sensor: Solid electrolyte (Zirconium) limit current type

Pump: For circulation to measure Oxygen

Safety device: O2 density meter, Flammable gas alarm, Electric leakage breaker, N2 gas forced introduction (when removing nozzles)

Required N2 amount: 15 L/h at 0.1 MPa

Accessories: Set of connection parts, anti-seismic clamps, interface cable, sample gas for gas alarm inspection, 2L flask

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 700×950×1500mm

Power Source: AC200-AC240V Single phase AC200〜240V 5A(15A)

Weight: 130kg



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