Yamato LDC-N180S ドラフトチャンバー (19 m3/min)

Exterior: Cold-rolled steel plate (chemical resistance baking finish)

Interior: Non-asbestos and non-combustible decorative board (Baffle plate: multi slit system)

Working surface materials: Ceramitite (S)

Glass window: Tempered glass 6mm Balance weight

Water faucet: Single type 1pc

Outlet: AC115/220V with dual grounding wire (dropout prevention) 1pc

Fluorescent lamp: 32W 1set

Washing method: Multistage packed tower system (chemical washing)

Circulation pump: 400/400W (50/60Hz) AC200V 3-phase

Safety feature: Exhaust delay timer, Door falling prevention stopper, Flow monitor, Washing tower water level abnormality sensor

Option: Gas tap, LED, Safety mechanism, Water leakage detector, Opening limit stopper

Standard discharge air quantity: 19 m3/min

Static pressure: 290 Pa

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 1800×850×2600mm

Power Source: AC115/220V

Weight: 460kg

Operating Weight: 610 kg




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