CAIG F100S-L2 导电塑料和碳控制的接触清洁/润滑/保护剂 (500 Applications)

- Applicator: Spray, provides no flushing action, applies 100% DeoxIT® Fader using a metered one-shot valve

- Formulation: 20% DeoxIT® Fader (active ingredient), 80% propellant.

- Use: When solvents are not required or materials are sensitive to any solvents. No flushing action.  Spray provides application of DeoxIT® on connectors and components that are not easily accessible.

- Notes: Use when over spray is an issue and on sensitive materials. Formulation safe on plastics. On easily accessible surfaces, recommend wiping off excess, leaving a thin layer. Need more tactile feel, use the DeoxIT® Fader Grease after cleaning with DeoxIT® Fader F-Series.

- Metal and/or Plastic: Not sure if faders have plastic and/or metal components, we recommend using DeoxIT D-Series, Part No. D100S-2 (100% DeoxIT spray).


- Formulated for Conductive Plastics/Controls 

- Maintains Optimum Signal Quality

- Replenishes Lubrication Lost

- Maintains Tactile Feel

- Reduces Wear & Abrasion

- Temperature Range, -26 C (-15 F) to +150 C (302 F)

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