Daruifuno DDS2-CL3A 模拟游离氯分析仪 (0.00-100.00mg/L; 0.01 mg/L)

Software: Version DRFN Free Chlorine Analysis software V1.0

Sensor Input: Compatible with all DRFN's Free Chlorine Digital Sensors

Display range: 0.00-100.00mg/L

Resolution: 0.01 mg/L

Relay control: Two settable SPST relays, the maximum load of the relay is 3A/250VAC. 

Analog current output: Two settable0/4~20mAcurrentoutputs ,maxload1000Ω

Communication method: Two-wire RS485 interface, communication protocol: MODBUS RTU; Support JSON text data format

Display screen: 128*64 black and white graphic dot matrix LCD display, adjustable backlight mode, adjustable display rate.

Configuration information: Power-off protection, parameter retention indefinitely

Time History/Data Record: Year/month/day/hour/minute/second, 14,000 historical data can be recorded, and the recording interval can be set between 1 and 999 minutes. Maintenance records Last 100 times

Protection class: IP66

Operating environment: 0~60℃,RH<95%(no condensation)

Storage environment: -20~70℃,RH<55% (no condensation ,precision instruments)

Shell Material: Shell material: Reinforced ABS; instrument dimensions 144*144*120mm

Mounting Method: Wall-mounted installation, pipe clamp installation, panel installation (opening size 138*138mm)

Electrical interface: The back end reserved 3M12*1.5 Gram head,line diameter 3~6.5mm

Power supply: AC100~240VAC

Power consumption: About 7W

Instrument weight:  About 800g



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