Desco 65137 STATFREE B2 PLUS 乙烯基绝缘垫 (DARK BLUE, 0.060''x30''x72'')


Dissipative Surface Layer

Rtt Resistance: 1x10^6 to < 1x10^9 ohms

Rtg Resistance: 1x10^6 to < 1x10^9 ohms

Ground Plane Layer

Rtt Resistance: < 1x10^6 ohms

Physical Properties

Construction: Multi-layer vinyl, dissipative top layer, conductive mesh inner layer (x2),conductive bottom layer

Thickness: 0.060”(2 mm), nominal ± 10%

Color: Blue (top side), Black (bottom side)

Texture: KidGrain (top side), Textured (bottom side)

Hardness: 85±5 Shore “A”, per ASTM-D2240


PM-134-Statfree® B2 Plus Material

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