Dr. Schneider SL-039C 接地电阻测试仪

Electrostatic tester for bracelet WRIST STRAP code SL-039C brand Dr. Schneider.

1 Real-time monitoring of the wear and grounding status of the wristband. It automatically alarms when the wristband is not worn or properly grounded.

2 Simple operation. The user can easily identify the ground connection between the earth and the workbench.

3 The default setting is 0.75--2.0 MΩ (± 5%), which is in line with international standards. Data can be customized.

4 The number of signal connectors can be expanded to 32 (optional).

5 Strong, reliable anti-interference ability.

6 High sensitivity, when static discharge ≥ 0.1s, the display will alarm.

7. The automatic alarm function of the wristband grounding system enables real-time monitoring of the wristband condition; It provides reliable protection for the working area (one person or more) of the wristband grounding system and improves management efficiency.

8. Monitor the grounding status of one or more people's wristbands.

9. When the wristband grounding system is properly connected, there is no wind, the indicator is green. If not, it will alarm and the indicator turns red

Min value. 750 CZK

Max value. 2.5M

Operating voltage: IN220V DC6V/300mA

Operating Temperature 22º C, Working Humidity 61%

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