DS INSTRUMENTS SG22000PRO 低噪音RF信号发生器 (0,1 - 22 GHz)

Single multi-band SMA RF output port

RF output covering: 0.1 – 22GHz (0.025 – 24.50GHz at reduced performance)

Increased max power output from 2019 Rev 1 (+10dBm)

Calibrated power range (<13GHz): -40 to +15dBm

Calibrated power range (>13GHz): -15 to +15dBm

Uncalibrated power range: -40 to +17dBm typical

Power output level resolution: 0.50dB steps & ~0.1dB vernier control

Calibrated power output accuracy: ±1.0dB at 0dBm typical

Low phase noise -92dBc at 20GHz at 10KHz offset

Extremely small frequency step size (<2Hz)

Harmonic level (typical): < -15dBm



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