GESTER GT-LA02 床垫压路机

Controller: PLC programmable control

Length of Hexagon Cylinder: 36±3in (915±75mm)

Weight of Hexagon Cylinder: 240±10Lb (109 ± 4.5kg)

Opposite Distance of Hexagon Clinder: 17±1in (430±25mm)

Length of Round Cylinder: 1000mm

Weight of cylinder: 1400N

Diameter of Round Cylinder: 300mm

Testing Route: ASTM 1566: Max.mattress width, Min. 70% of mattress width or 38in(965mm), take the minium value of them. BS EN 1957: 250mm of mattress center line

Testing speed: Within 15r/min (can be adjusted)

Power supply: 1∮, AC380V, 5kW, 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz, 110V,50HZ, 60Hz

Standards: ASTM F1566



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