GESTER GT-LB03L 座椅扶手耐久性试验机 (2000N)

Load capacity: 2000N

Force device stroke: 0-80cm

Stroke range: 60-160cm

Load Angle: 0-10° (The angle to the vertical is adjustable)

Test speed: 5-40 times/min

Testing time: 0-99999 ( can be adjustment)

Control method: PLC control

Dimension (WxDxH): 240X200X190cm

Weight: 500kg

Power: 1∮, AC 220V 50Hz

Standard Accessories:

  • GT-LB01-2A Seat loading pad 1pc

  • GT-LB01-3 Smaller seat loading pad 2pcs

  • GT-LB01-5 Local loading pad 2pcs

  • Arm rest loading pad 2pcs

  • Stationary fixture 1pc

  • Stops 2pcs

Optional accessories:

  • GT-LBO1-1A Loading point template 1pc

  • GT-LBO1-8 203mm loading pad 2pcs (BIFMA X5.1-11.4,23,24)

  • GT-LBO1-9BIFMA102&50mm loading pad (BIFMA X5.1-19,20) 2pcs



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