Heraeus Electronics F712 Microbond solder

Microbond SMT712: Excellent wetting solder paste - Newest addition to the proven Microbond solder paste family

Heraeus Microbond SMT712 is designed to meet all the needs of demanding SMT applications. With a wide process window, and excellent high-speed printing and wetting properties, the ground-breaking innovation can be instrumental in keeping head-in-pillow defects to the minimum during the soldering process.

The FC712 flux system is specifically optimized for lead-free alloys, e.g. Sn/Ag/Cu. This formula provides superior performance on a variety of surfaces finishes and leaves behind a clear residue. As a result, it eliminates the need to clean flux residues.

Key benefits of Microbond® SMT712:

  • Stable viscosity for long stencil life

  • Excellent wetting in air reflow

  • Good fine pitch printing performance

  • Wide process window

  • Reduced BGA head-in-pillow defects

  • Low voiding in solder joint (less than 3*3mm pad)

  • Transparent residue in air reflow

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