HINOTEK MPG-13A 循环槽 (RT+5~40°C, 14.5L)

Temperature Range: RT+5~40°C

Precision: ±0.1°C

Peristome Dimension W*D*H: 180*300*150 mm

Cubage: 14.5L

Electrical: 220V 50HZ

Pump(flux): 8L/m

Heating Power: 1050W

* When it is used in the case of above 80°C,use mineral oil as liquid medium.

* When it is used in the case of below 5°C,use antifreeze(absolute alcohol or absolute glycol) as liquid medium.

* Ambient temperature is+5~35°C.

Specification test condition: ambient temperature is 20°C; Electrical requirements are 220V/50HZ;liquid medium is pure water. 



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