IETLAB GenRad 1562-A声级校准器(可用于校准大多数通用声级计)

(Full specifications can be found on datasheet)

Acoustical Output: Frequencies: 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz
Frequency Accuracy: ±3%
Output Level: 114 dB re 20 x 10-6 µN/m-2
Level Accuracy: at 23oC and 790 mm Hg: ±0.3 dB @ 500 Hz; ±0.5 dB @ other frequencies.
Adaptors:Fits GenRad 1-1/8” mics directly other mics require adaptors (available in limited quantities).
Output Voltage: 1.0 V ±20% behind 6000 Ω.
Frequency Characteristic: Output is flat ±2%.
Distortion: < 0.5%.
Connector: Jack to accept standard 1/4” phone plug.
Power Requirements: standard 9 V alkaline battery (NEDA 1604 AC)
Dimensions: 5.7 cm W x 12.4 cm H (2.2 in W x 4.9 in H)
Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)
Operating Environment: 0 to 40oC, 0 to 95% relative humidity.
Storage Temperature: -40 to +60oC with battery removed.




The GenRad 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator can be used to calibrate most any general purpose sound meter.

The GenRad 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator is a self contained unit for making accurate filed calibrations on microphones and sound measuring instruments. It generates a precisely known sound pressure level of 114 dB at five ANSI-preferred frequencies. With its several frequencies, improved accuracy and built in oscillator, the 16562 Sound Level Calibrator outperforms all other sound level calibrators.

The GenRad 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator will calibrate the GR 1565-B Sound Level Meter, the 1560-P5, -P6 and P7 microphones, 1551 P1 Condenser Microphone system, 1560-P3 and 1560-P4. Thus the sensitivity and response tests can be made at several frequencies on a variety of instruments with microphones, including types 1551, 1561, and 1565-A Sound Level Meters, 1558 Octave Band Analyzers, 1564-A Sound and Vibration Analyzer, 1555-A Sound Survey Meter, and 1525-A Data Recorder.

The 1562-A Sound Level Calibrator can also provide an electrical output for tests on sound level related instruments without microphones. An indicator lamp tells you if your sound level calibrator has adequate batter voltage.

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