IETLAB VI-700精密电压电流源(电压输出范围 100μ至20V或200 V;0.电流输出范围1μA至20mA或200 mA)

(Full specifications can be found on datasheet)

Voltage output range of 100 µV to 20 V or 200 V
Current output range of 0.1 µA to 20 mA or 200 mA
3½ digit resolution, 0.75 LSD accuracy
Manual thumbwheel operation or programmable digital input, IEEE-488 or RS232 interface
May be used as a component in a closed loop control system
Manufactured in the United States




Various features and options make the VI-700 an effective choice for many manual and programmable voltage and current source applications.

The VI-700 Voltage and Current Source is a versatile precision dialable or remotely programmable voltage and current source. Its three ranges provide up to 20 V full scale (200 V with the HV option), and down to 100 mV resolution; and 20 mA full scale down to 0.1mA resolution. Both voltage and current outputs are available simultaneously. The output is set by a range selector and thumbwheel switches in the LOCAL mode, or by a digital input at the rear panel. The REMOTE mode control can be a RS232 or IEEE-488 interface.

This voltage and current source offers many full performance features; fulfilling a variety of laboratory needs. Its wide outputrange (up to 200 V), very low output impedance (5 mΩ, typical), low noise and ripple, and 200 mA load current capability suit the VI-700 to a variety of applications, such as simulation, calibration, A/D andD/A converter evaluations, and product development.  Front panel overload indicator lamps warn of exceeding voltage load or current compliance limits. This feature assures the user that the output is within specifications without having to make any measurement or computations. 

VI-700 Voltage Current Source Basic Specifications

Output Ranges 200 mV, 2 V, 20 V;
(200 V with HV option).
Resolution 100 µV, 1 mV, 10 mV;
(100 mV with HV option).
Accuracy ±(75 ppm + 50 µV); 200 mV range;
±(75 ppm + 0.25 mV), 2 V range;
±(75 ppm + 2.5 mV), 20 V range;
at 23°C, no load, after warmup.
Output Current   70 mA, (200 mA with HP option) maximum
load up to 20 V; (10 mA for 200 V range with
HV option); with LED over load in di ca tor.
Output Impedance 5 m Ω typical, 40 m Ω for 20 V range.
Noise and Ripple 50 µVrms on 200 mV and 2 V ranges;
50 µVrms on 200 mV and 2 V ranges;
100 µVrms on 20 V range.
Tempco ±10 ppm/°C typical;
±15 ppm/°C max.

Output Ranges 200µA, 2 mA, 20 mA,
200 mA (with HI option).
Resolution 0.1µA, 1µA, 10µA;
100µA (with HI option).
Accuracy ±(75 ppm + .05µA); 200µA;
±(75 ppm + 0.25µA), 2 mA;
±(75 ppm + 2.5µA), 20 mA; 23°C, no load.
Compliance Voltage 0-20 V; with LED overload indicator.
Noise 8-20 nA.

Digital Input 31/2 digit parallel BCD or IEEE-488
in terface; a front panel push-button
selects REMOTE or LOCAL op er a tion.
Isolation Floating outputs, optically isolated from
digital inputs; voltage and current out-
puts may be used in either polarity.
Power 105-125 V or 210-250 V;
Requirements 50-60 Hz; 5 W.
Dimensions 21.6 cm W x 12.6 cm H x 22.9 cm D
(8.5 x 2.8" x 9.0" ) for Standard Model; "
21.6 cm W x 8.7 cm Hx 23.5 cm (8.5 "
x 3.44 x 9.25" ) for IEEE-488 interface option. "
Weight 2.3 kg (5 lb).
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