InfiRay DTS300 双谱身热热像仪 (0℃~60℃, 384×288)

Infrared specifications: 

Detector: VOx uncooled IRFPA

Thermal resolution: 384×288

Pixel pitch: 17μm

NETD: ≤40mK @25℃, F#1.0

Spectral band: 8~14μm

Frame rate: 50Hz

Focal length: 9.7mm

FOV: 37.2°×28.3°

Visible light specifications: 

Resolution: 1920×1080

Focal length: 4.4mm

FOV: 90°

Wide dynamic range: ≥120dB

Temperature measurement: 

Measuring range: 0℃~60℃

Measuring accuracy: ±0.5°C @33°C~42°C target temperature(±0.3°C with blackbody)

Measuring distance: 1~3m

Software functions: 

High temperature alarm: Pop-out alarm and audible alarm

Flux: > 100 people/minute

Human face detection: Intelligent face detection and tracking

Data analysis: Snapshot at alarm, people flow statistics, and body temperature statistics

Body temperature correction: Intelligent surface/body temperature correction

Human face recognitionSupport local face matching

Mask detection: Mask detection, giving an alarm for people without mask

Platform access: Support deploying on cloud and private servers


Power supply: USB×2(5V DC)

Data interface: UVC(USB Video Class)

Control connector: USB: 

Environment adaption: 

Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Dimension: 110mm×75mm×56mm



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