InfiRay T2 Search 热像仪,适用智能手机 (12μm, 256x192,19.6°x 14.7°)

Resolution: 256x192

Pixel pitch: 12 μm

Spectral Band: 8-14 um

Focal length: 9.0mm

FOV: 19.6°x 14.7°

Focusing mode: Manual

Frame rate: 25Hz

NETD: <50mk

MRTD: <500mK

Operating temperature: -10°C~+50°C

Power consumption: < 350mW

Weight (with lens): <20g

Dimension (with lens): 26mm X26mm X26.6mm

Supported system: Android 6.0 and above*

Image enhancement: Digital detail enhancement (DDE)

Reticle: Support, with hot/cold spot tracking

Color palette: White hot, black hot, red hot, and other pseudo colors

Secondary development: Provide SDK for secondary development

Magnifification: Support 1×~4x continuous digital zoom

Video saving: Support photo and video saving

APP updating: Support APP online updating


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