INSIZE ISP-A6000 轮廓测定投影器 (5X~100X; ±0.08%; 无角度探头)

Edge detector: not included

Projector screen:

- Diameter: Φ600mm

- Rotation range: 0°~360°

- Resolution: 1’ or 0.01°

- Reference lines: cross-hairs


- Magnification: 5X (optional); view field: Φ120mm; working distance: 242.8mm 

- Magnification: 10X (included); view field: Φ60mm; working distance: 143.2mm 

- Magnification: 20X (optional); view field: Φ30mm; working distance: 85.5mm 

- Magnification: 50X (optional); view field: Φ12mm; working distance: 92mm 

- Magnification: 100X (optional); view field: Φ6mm; working distance: 48.5mm 

Magnification accuracy: ±0.08%

Image: erect image


- Metal stage size: 404x265mm

- Glass stage size: 207x170mm

- X-Y stage travel: range: 200x100mm; resolution: 0.5 μm; accuracy: (3+L/50) μm, L is the measuring length in mm

- Z(focus) travel range: 50mm

- Max. load capacity: 5kg


- Contour illumination: 24V/150W halogen lamp, brightness is adjustable

- Surface illumination: 12V/150W halogen lamp (with 2 fibers), position is adjustable

Data processing unit: 

- Display: X-Y stage travel, screen rotation

- Ouput: RS232C, USB (data output to Excel and CAD)


- Measure coordinate of point

- Measure coordinate of line

- Measure center coordinate, radius of circle with three points

- Measure distance between 2 objects

- Measure angle with four points or two lines

- Coordinate transform

- Choose measurement object automatically according to the selective point and display the result

- Advanced function: programming for batch measurements

Power supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz

Dimension (LxWxH): 1200x1140x1940mm

Weight: 360kg

Standard delivery:

- Main unit: 1pc

- 10X lens: 1pc

- Foot-switch: 1pc

- Software and USB cable: 1pc

- Overday chart clip: 4pcs

- Anti-dust cover: 1pc

Optional accessory:

- 5X lens; 20X lens; 50X lens; 100X lens

- Holder with clamp: ISP-A6000-HOLDER

- Swivel center support: ISP-A6000-SUPPORT

- 300mm calibration scale: ISP-A6000-RULE

- 50mm reading scale: ISP-A6000-SCALE50

- Rotary table: ISP-A6000- TABLE

- Demo sample: ISP-A6000-DEMO

- Printer: ISP-A6000-PRINTER



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