Jinuosh G-SDC1500 接触角动态测量机 (0-180°)

Measurement range of contact Angle: 0-180°

Measurement accuracy of contact Angle: ±0.1°

Temperature range: normal temperature -1500℃

Cooling method: water-cooled type

Light source: industrial LED cold light, life of more than 20,000 hours 

Vacuum furnace tube size: 50× 42x length 520mm 

Heating power of electric furnace: 3KW/220V 

Maximum operating temperature: 1400℃

Long-term operating temperature range: RT~1400℃

Constant temperature area: furnace tube center area 42xL30mm, ≤±1℃.

Furnace tube center area 42xL40mm, ≤±1.5℃ furnace tube center area 42xL50mm, ≤±2.5℃

System vacuum seal standard: 6.65×10-3Pa

Temperature control mode: Digital display intelligent 30-segment programmable temperature controller /SCR intelligent module /PID mode; Another 1 digital display thermometer shows the temperature inside the furnace; Temperature measurements were made by single platinum-rhodium thermocouples.

Composite vacuum gauge: resistance gauge: range: 10° PA-10-Pa

      Ionization gauge: range: 10 PA-10 - PA_

When the equipment operates at 1200℃, the cooling power required is 1000W; Converted to 25℃ cooling water flow: 1440ml/min.

Distance between two observation Windows: 736mm.



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