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KASAHARA CL-203N Salt Meter (0.001 ~ 1.000%)

Measurement target: Measurement of salinity of ready-mixed concrete, fine aggregates, aqueous solutions, etc.

Measuring range:

   Salinity: 0.001 ~ 1.000% (equivalent to 10 ~ 10000mg/L) 

   Chloride content: 0.001 ~ 1.999 kg/m3 (After water content is set) 

   Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C 

Electromotive force: -1000mV ~ 1000mV (output for electrode inspection)


   Salinity: 0.001% (equivalent to 10mg/L)

   mV: 1mV

   Water temperature: 0.1°C


   Salt concrete: within ±2% (for equivalent input) 

   Water temperature: within ±0.5°C (for equivalent input)

Temperature Compensation: Automatic 

Memory function: Up to 30

Ambient temperature: 0~45°C

Calibration method:

   (1) LOW calibration with 0.1% standard solution

   (2) HIGH calibration with 0.5% standard solution

External dimensions: 

   Body: 70 (W) × 40 (H) × 173 (D) mm     

   Electrode: Ф16.8×192


   Body: Approx. 290g

   Electrode: Approx. 130g (including cable 1m)



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