KIKUSUI FGA5050 Function Generator (1μHz ~ 50MHz)

Wide band frequency

- Sine waveform : 1μHz to 50MHz

- Square waveform : 1μHz to 25MHz

Sine wave form, Square waveform, Ramp waveform, Triangle waveform, Pulse waveform, Noise waveform, DC, Arbitrary waveform output

Waveform: Editor Application Software "WAVEPATT" is included as standard

Various modulation types: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, Frequency sweep, Burst, External Modulation Input

16 bits / up to 50MHz pattern out

14 bits / 256k-point, 125MSs/s

10MHz clock in and out

Trigger Input and Trigger output (TTL compatible)

Interface : LAN / USB standard


- Power cord

- Pattern generator cable

- USB cable

- CD-R

- Packing list, safety precautions

- China RoHS disclosure report 




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