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Lonroy CREE-6014C-50 双层小板硫化机 (50T)

Pressure capacity: 50T  

Pressure gauge: The two-node pressure is adjustable, and the precision of pressure adjustment is 10%

Plate size (mm metric): Plate size (mm metric) 250*250/300*300/350*350/400*400/450*450/500*500/600*600 [mm]  

Hot press plate material: High temperature resistant imported steel plate, surface carbonization quenching, special treatment of fast heat conduction, parallel pressure does

not change, wear-resistant.

Platen hardness: 50〜60HRC

Flatness of the platen: <0. 03mm

Flatness of platen: <0.16mm

Temperature range: from normal temperature to 250°C [Maximum temperature can be customized 500 degrees] [Select one of the price lists shall prevail]

Temperature uniformity: The larger the platen, the higher the Temperature uniformity, the worse the temperature uniformity.

Temperature control unit: Precision module, with PLC touch screen control, touch screen internal display, numerical display.

Temperature control mode self-setting with high precision sensor, Temperature control accuracy: ±1.0°C.

Timer: Displays the Settings on the touch screen. The time range is 0.1S ~ 99min ~ 9.9hr

Heater: [According to the pressure plate area configuration of different power packing pressure plate temperature uniformity, not the same power]

Warming time: The takes about 15 minutes from the normal temperature to 160 °C

Two hot plates: can be set to control the temperature

Method of heating: electric heating 

Two pieces of cold: plate Water cooling laminates are controlled by water temperature

Mode of cooling: Tap water cooling/chiller cooling [Optional price list shall prevail]

Oil pressure system: 

The Oil pressure system adopts CREE.6 hydraulic flow closed loop control system. The oil pump drives high-performance electro-hydraulic with the piston of the high precision non-resistance cylinder to implement the constant rate control mode, with the automatic pressure compensation function.

A pressure automatic pressure, strong load force, stable lifting; Automatic pressure, pressure retention, pressure relief.

Cylinder stroke: Cylinder stroke Max 150mm [customizable] [Select one subject to the quotation]

Cylinder speed: 11mm/s

Pressure gauge: 0 〜200kg/

Die opening mode: Automatic ascent and descent (with manual and automatic dual functions)

Safety device: Safety shield, safety door.

Number of safety devices: four

Supporting mold frame [Optional]: custom

Main engine volume: (WXDXH)1200x750x1650 mm

Supply voltage: 3-phase electricity, AC380V  

Machine weight: 780kg  


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