MAETALL HV-1000 维氏硬度计

Hardness Scale: HV, HK

Test Force: 10-25-50-100-200-300-500-1000gf

Test Force Selection: Manually

Implementation of Standards: According to EN-ISO6507、ASTM E384&E92 and JIS

Loading and Unloading: AUTO

Dwelling Time: 0-60s Adjustable

Turret: Manually

Micrometer Eyepiece Muntiple: 10X 

Measurement Resolution Ratio: 0.25µm (Drum Reading)

Objective Magnification Times: 10X 40X

Total Magnification Times: 100X (Observation) 400X (Measurement)

Measurement Range: 150µm

Optical Channel: Dual Channel / CCD

Filter: Green

Light Source: Halogen Light (Brightness Adjustable)

Hardness Resolution Ratio: 0.1 Vickers Unit

Hardness Conversion: Brinell, Rockwell, Surface Rockwell

Max.Height of Test Sample: 90mm

Centraline Depth: 120mm

XY Test Bench Size: 100 x 100mm

XY Test Bench Moving Distance: 25 x 25mm

XY Test Bench Min. Displacement Number: 0.01mm

Operating Temperature: 23 ±5°C

Operation Humidity: <65%

Dimension: 530 x 290 x 490mm

Net Weight: 40kg

Power Supply: 220V 2A 50-60HZ

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