OMRON KG316T-II Timer device

Maximum instantaneous load capacity: 25A, 220VAC

Maximum continuous load capacity: 5A, 220VAC

Standard operating power: 220VAC / 50Hz

Working voltage range: from 160VAC ... 240VAC

Power consumption: less than 1W

The function of automatically securely locking the keyboard controller when it is more than 30 seconds has no effect

There are 16 ON setting memory and 16 OFF setting memory

On / off setting time interval is at least 1 Minute

On / off setting time interval up to 168h (1 week).

Have battery waiting for power failure => not lose timer memory

You can choose to schedule a timer for the whole week or for individual days of the week.

Time error of the standard clock on the machine: not more than 0.5s / day

Working temperature: -25 degrees C ... + 60 degrees C

Working environment humidity <95%

Size: 120x74x50mm

Weight: 200g

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