Ophir LaserStar Dual Channel 激光功率计和能量计

Power Meter: High legibility 64 x 240 pixel graphics LCD. Large 17mm digits. Screen refresh 15Hz

Features: Many screen features including power with bar graph, energy, average, exposure, frequency, graphs

Outputs: RS232 and analog output 1V f.s.

Case: Molded high impact plastic with  swivel display and EMI conductive shielding, to allow use even in proximity to pulsed lasers

Size: Folds to a compact 194mm L x 228mm W x 57mm H

Battery: Rechargeable 18 hours between charges. The charger can be ordered from your local distributor. The charger also functions as an AC adapter.

Data Handling: Data can be viewed on board or transmitted to PC:

On Board: Non-volatile storage of up to 54,000 data points in up to 10 files. Max data logging rate to the PC > 1500 points/s.

Sensor Compatibility: Works with Thermopile, Pyroelectric and Photodiode and RP sensor

Compliance: CE, UKCA, China RoHS



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