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Samyon HDY-15 混凝土单侧盐冻机 (6 kw)


It is used for inspecting concrete frost resistance performance in the atmospheric environment and contact with salt or other corrosive medium in freeze-thaw cycle. Concrete durability is with strength, is one of the most important indicator.


Standard: GB/T50082-2009 and JG/T243-2009.


Technical Parameters:

Specimen containers: 250× 200×120mm ;

Temperature range:-2 5 ℃ ~+ 25 ℃ ;

Accuracy: high temperature:≤0.5K

low temperature ≤1k;

The maximum deviation from temperature:< 0.5K ;

Maximum ascending/descending temperature every hour:10℃;(adjustable);

When running freezing and thawing the maximum temperature difference between each point shall not be more than 1 ℃;

Specimen can accommodate 15 specimen containers;

Power: 6 kW

Environmental conditions: 10 to 25 ℃ and maximum humidity of 60% 


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