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Samyon SPC-MATS 预应力混凝土梁多功能检测仪 (150m)

1. Sampling period: 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6.4μs adjustable

2. Operating system: windows

3. Waveform noise processing and spectrum analysis: moving smooth, BPF, EMD, FFT, MEM

4. Test content: grouting quality; effective prestress under anchor, cable tension; concrete material (elastic modulus, strength) and size

5. Grouting compactness test method: longitudinal qualitative (FLEA, FLPV, PFTF), longitudinal positioning (IEEV, IERS), vertical and horizontal tunnel (VDFM)

6. Effective prestress test method under anchor: equivalent mass method (TTEM)

7. Signal processing technology: subtraction of excitation residual signal; integrated processing, average processing

8. Grouting positioning coupling: high damping sensor support

9. Number of channels: 2 channels (expandable to multiple channels with VMC technology), trigger channel and receiving channel are interchangeable

10. Platform: Integrated platform

11. Free string tension test method: string vibration method

12. Concrete material, size test method: reflection method

13. Grouting compactness test range: qualitative test up to 150m; positioning test is not limited by the length of the tunnel

14. Concrete material, size test range: 0.1-2m

15. Data acquisition: support touch and wireless dual control mode; support single, continuous dual mode sampling

16. Working temperature: 0 ~ 45 ° C

17. Sampling accuracy: floating point interpolation compensation to 24 bits

18. Sampling frequency: 500KHz, adjustable

19. The maximum number of collection points: 20,000, adjustable

20. Can display maximum / minimum voltage: 10V / 0.0001V

21. Display: LCD display 1280*800

22. Graphic processing: contour, shade, elastic wave radar scanning

23. The same screen indicates the maximum number of waveforms: 300 (wavelength collection points 2048, sampling interval 4us)

24. Location information: support GPS positioning


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